the apple and the tree

I went for allergy testing myself yesterday.
Here are the results:
+alder (tree)
+++ house dust
++++ grass mix A
++++ grass mix B

Apparently you're not supposed to take antihistamines for a full week before testing. I took my last one 48 hours prior.
24hours have elapsed and the grass points are still tender. Wonder how itchy I'd be had I not taken them for the full week prior?
then again, I've had hives so often (exercise-induced cold urticaria or something like that) that I'm almost immune to itchiness.


PC Marinated Pork Souvlaki

(from a few months ago, possibly nov 2009)

UPC 6038369617
facility code 36
lot number 067K 91169

Spoke with Nathalie at 1888-495-5111:
Line also processes peanuts, milk and soy.

Looks like I'll have pork souvlaki for the next little bit...


allergy-friendly probiotics and supplements!

After trying various other probiotics unsatisfactorily (including this incident) and asking around, Catharine N. pointed me to Kirman Labs as their probiotic strains are grown on chicory root rather then on milk. Their Canadian distributor is www.spectrumsupplements.ca.

I first spoke with John at Spectrum Supplements (located in st-laurent, montreal) on 2010-01-04. He suggested Kirkman prod no. 316 for very strict diet, and to call Kirkman labs directly for technical questions at 1800-245-8282. He ships next day for $9 flat rate (waived if order over $99).

I called Kirkman customer svc (1800-245-8282 #1) and spoke with Shelly. She recommended product no. 442, "pro-bio gold". I asked about about allergies: no nuts in plant, not just casein-free but completely milk free; no shellfish etc used either.

I called Kirkman again on 2010-01-11 to discuss other potential supplements, and spoke with Kerry-Jane(sp?). She suggested the fol products:
no. 379 children's chewable multi-vitamin
no. 320 chewable calcium tablets
no. 344 ProBio chewable wafers

I asked about the calcium source (re: shellfish allergy). She indicated "calcium typically from oyster shells but ours is not." - good.

I placed the order through Spectrum Supplements and received it the next day, as promised, in an insulated mailer with an ice-pack. My son has been taking them since without any incident (even incidental or unexplained). So far, very happy with them!