A weekend favorite!
Loosely based on Whole Grain Waffles recipe in The Allergy Self-Help Cookbook, Over 350 Natural Food Recipes Free Of All Common Food Allergens, by Marjorie Hurt Jones

1 tsp flax and 1tsp salba mixed with 1tbsp boiling water (optional)
2 cups whole wheat flour*
1 cup oat flour*
1.5 tsp baking soda
1.5 tsp cream of tartar
1/2 tsp salt
3 cups vanilla-flavoured milk substitute* (if plain, add 1tsp vanilla)
3 tbsp oil
dash cinnamon
*Can also use other types of flour, need to vary quantity of milk-substitute accordingly:
3 cups rye, use 3.5 cups milksub
3 cups spelt, use 2 cups milksub
3 cups Kamut, use 3 cups milksub
4 cups barley, use 3 cups milksub

  • Pour boiling water over flax/salba and let sit (optional)
  • Mix dry stuff in a large bowl.
  • Combine milk and oil (and flax/salba mix) in a 4-cup measure.
  • Pour wet stuff into the dry stuff and mix just until combined.

    If batter thickens too much, stir in a little water.
    Pour onto preheated and misted waffle iron and cook at medium heat until steam stops.
    Re-oil and repeat.
  • 2010-04-23

    lists of foods and food families

    lists of foods and food families can be handy when dealing with broad category-based restrictions, as is often the case with young children until enough info is available to narrow the list to specific foods.


    Ling Ling (Discovery Foods) Potstickers

    telephone 1866-454-6454 "cannot be completed as dialed" (presumably USA only).
    submitted fol info via their website:
    UPC 1087801664 BB OCT 05 10 purchased at Costco
    thank you for stating your allergy policy in your FAQ. my son has several allergies, including nuts and peanuts (severe), milk, egg, and soy. We would like to share this produt with him (NOT the sauce). Can you clarify whether "soybean and/or canola oils" in the filling and wrapper are highly refined, or is there reasonable possibility of contamination with soy *protein* from some other source? Please advise. Thank you.